Welding Table Now Available!

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Claryx Metal Works Welding Table 

We’re excited to introduce our latest side project which offers a cost-effective solution to a professional welding table. Our welding table is constructed from S235JR steel and undergoes a laser-cutting process in stages to prevent plastic deformation, adhering to confirmed standards. The tabletop boasts dimensions of 1200x800x100 mm with an 8 mm steel thickness and 16mm Ø holes spaced 100 mm apart, ideal for standard welding accessories. For added durability, the tabletop features ribs, while the legs measure 60x60x3 mm with a working height of 80cm. Custom height options are also available to suit your needs. Our welding table has an impressive load capacity of >1100 lb / >500 kg and weighs 286 lb / 130 kg.

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