The Maker´s Spotlight Week 2 – iPKnives

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In this week´s episode, we are thrilled to introduce you to Patrick Pevernagie, the man behind iPknives – A talented and experienced knifemaker from Belgium specialized in Japanese style kitchen knives. Through our interview with him, we delve into his journey as a knifemaker, his inspirations, his favorite techniques and tools, and his advice for newcomers to the craft. Here´s how our interview went:

1. Can you tell us about your background and how you got started in knifemaking?

I went to school to become a ships mechanic, and of the trades was toolmaking. This was 23 years ago. Of course I made knives in class, but the real start was about 8 years ago. My best friend showed me a video of someone who forged a knife from an old wrench. 2 weeks later I had built a coal forge and bought a used anvil,…

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2. How would you describe your artistic style and the inspirations behind it?

I think my style is somewhat different, hybrid. I try to combine Japanese geometry with western and modern elements. Inspiration comes from everything, motorcycles, boats, buildings,… also my designs change according to feedback from professional users.

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3. What is your favorite type of blade to make?

I only make kitchen knives and knives for the table, however occasionally I get to do something different, and brings some extra joy to the business of knife making. ipknives tableknives

4. What is your favorite technique?

I have evolved to purely doing stock removal, so my favorite technique is of course freehand grinding thin blades.

5. What is your preferred type of steel and materials to work with, and why?

I prefer high end carbon steels for the blade,… I am even stopping with stainless because, to me it lacks character. For the handles I like to work with everything available, however wood is going out of the range. I prefer composites which are both durable, strong and colorful. I love colors in knives.

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6. What is one project or piece of work that you are particularly proud of?

 I like all the collab stuff that I have done, but am most proud of the ones with Michelin starred restaurants, in Europe and the US.

7. What advice do you have for Knifemaking newbies ?

My advice to makers that want to do knife making as a full time job would be: Remember that it is a business, say no in time and always put in the hours. Working for a boss is a lot easier. Making knives is the easy part.


Get in touch with Patrick:

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