PRO v2 Belt Grinder (1.5″ x 1.5″) Essentials Package

PRO v2 Belt Grinder (1.5″ x 1.5″) Essentials Package

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The complete package including our 6-way rotatable work rest, platen and VFD. Suitable for any activities which involve grinding and sanding!

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Delivery time

2 Weeks


2 Years on all electronic parts


Claryx Metal Works PRO v2 Belt Grinder Essentials Package includes:

  •  1.5″ PRO v2 Belt Grinder
  • Work Bench
  • 290mm Contact Wheel
  • Small Wheels Package
  • Misting System


  • 400x150mm Work Rest
  • Small Wheels Work Rest

The Pro V2 2 x 72″ Belt Grinder Essentials Package includes the latest version of our industry-leading, proven, robust and versatile work horse we´ve been producing and improving since the beginning!

Baseplate and Chassis

The powder coated steel baseplate with integrated tool box and VFD controls paired with the all aluminum 3-axis adjustable chassis is what you need to set-up your working position right and take your grinding to a whole new level! The perfectly centered balance point allows you to tilt the grinder horizontally and vertically with minimum force and secure it in place with a single knob. The grinder can be both rotated and secured 90 degrees to the left and tilted forwards or backwards depending on the user´s needs. The Pro V2 2×72″ belt grinder chassis is built around and offers the industry standard 1.5″ tooling arm slots. Top slot for your main attachment like flat platen, contact wheels or a rotary platen and bottom socket for additional accessories like our standard fully rotatable work rest. Securing the tooling arms is made easy via 2 CNC-machined aluminum knobs.

Belt Tensioning and Tracking Systems

The Spring belt tension system combined with our easy to use single knob tracking system ensures fast belt change and precise belt tracking.

Motor, VFD and Drive Wheel configurations

The Pro v2 Belt Grinders comes equipped with a VFD, secured in a IP65 housing to isolate the inverter completely. All the dust, water and moisture during the grinding process will stay away from the VFD. Besides that, the integrated buttons and switches on the baseplate makes turning your machine on/off, controlling the speed and changing the belt rotation direction possible without touching the VFD. Furthermore, we offer 3 different motor/drive wheel configurations from 1.5KW(2hp) to 2.2KW(3HP) motors and 120mm to 140mm drive wheels to suit your needs.

Modularity and Expandability

The Pro V2 belt grinder is designed and engineered from a single piece of 7075 Aluminum with expandability in mind. The Pro V2 comes as standard with a Flat platen and a fully rotatable work rest, which is enough to start you grinding in no time and limited budget. Both 1.5″ Tooling arm slots allow you to upgrade and buy new attachments as well as contact wheels from our wide portfolio at any time. Additionally you  even use aftermarket accessories with 1.5″ tooling arms.

Fit and Finish

Starting from the bottom up, the baseplates are powder coated in 3 different colors – Gunmetal Grey, Machine Green and also in Sky Blue. The parts are perfectly welded together to achieve a flat surface. All of the aluminum parts are precisely CNC-machined and chamfered with a brushed or polished finish. We use only the highest quality bearings to ensure longevity!

Claryx Metal Works PRO v2 2 x 72″ belt grinder includes:

  •  PRO v2 Belt Grinder Chassis
  • 6-way rotatable Baseplate with Tool box.
  • 2 1.5″ Tooling Arm slots.
  • Platen attachment with two 60mm wheels
  • 120x60mm or 140x60mm Drive wheel,
  • Crowned tracking wheel
  • Fully rotatable 210 x 100mm Work rest ( Bigger 400x150mm  work rest can be added, fits right on top of the standard one)
  • 2.2Kw(3hp, 24mm Axle) three phase motor
  • Delta VFD
  • Input: 1PH 200V-240V 50/60Hz
  • IP65 rated housing for the VFD
  • 220V
  • 50x2000mm (2″ x 78″) as well as 2″ x 72″ belts
  • Switch for reversing the belt rotation.

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Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 70 × 100 × 100 cm
Baseplate color

Machine Green RAL6011, Gunmetal Grey, Sky Blue

Motor / Drive Wheel

2.2Kw (3hp) / 140mm Drive Wheel

Work Rest

210x100mm, 400x150mm (+40€), Small Wheel Work Rest (+30€), 400×150 & Small Wheel Work Rest (+70€)


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