Klingspor CS 411 X 50x2000mm Abrasive Belts STARTER PACK

Klingspor CS 411 X 50x2000mm Abrasive Belts STARTER PACK

37,92  36,02 

  • Perfect for customers who don’t need 10 of each Grit
  • Contains a total of 8 Belts – 2 x 40 Grit, 2 x 60 Grit, 2 x 80 Grit, 2 x 120 Grit
  • 50 x 2000 mm (2×72″ or 2×78″)
  • Belts with cotton backing for Stainless steel, Steel, Metals
  • Price excl. 20% VAT
  • Made in Germany
Title Range Discount
Discount Klingspor Starter Packs 1 - 2 5%
Discount Klingspor Starter Packs 3 + 10%


Klingspor CS 411 X Advantages: Tear-resistant high-performance belt – Especially high aggressiveness and abrasive performance due to active abrasive substances – Especially for stainless steel, but also for steel and metal in general

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Zirconia alumina
Coating Close
Backing X-cotton

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Additional information

Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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