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  • Supplied in 600mm Lengths
  • 2.3mm, 3mm and 4mm thickness available


52100 Knife Steel is used industrially for bearings and cutting tools including paper cutting knives and tobacco knives for its excellent wear resistance and strength. It is also a very good kitchen knife steel while being equally adept in the field. It has good toughness, good wear resistance – better than O1 for example. 52100 is a great stand-alone steel and also can be paired with other steels to produce Damascus steel or use as a cutting edge for san-mai blades.

Since 52100 knife steel contains more than 1% of Carbon, it will rust if not properly taken care of. The finished blades should be cleaned and oiled after use to avoid corrosion.

Country Of Manufacture:

United Kingdom

Supplied by Ground Flat Stock

Chemical Composition:

C: Cr: Mn: P: S: Si:
0.95 – 1.10% 1.35 – 1.65% 0.4% 0.03% 0.03% 0.25%

Suggested Heat Treatment:

Heat to 840 – 880C Hold for 10 minutes

Oil Quench (Suggested oil is Rye 32)

Temper for two hours at 220C for 62HRc

Temper for two hours at 280C for 57HRc

Supplied in 600mm Lengths 


The UK made 52100 it one of the finest blade steels and comes Hot Rolled, Pickled  and Annealed. It will arrive ready and able to be forged and ground into a blade or used for Damascus steel.


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40, 50, 75, 100, 150

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2,3, 3, 4