3M Abrasives Ultimate Pack of 24

3M Abrasives Ultimate Pack of 24


The Ultimate 3M pack includes:

  • 337DC Trizact Gator Belts  – A65, A100, A160, A300 (2 pcs. each)
  • 237DC Trizact – A6, A16, A30 (2 pcs. each)
  • 984F Cubitron II Ceramic belts – P36, P60, P80 (2 pcs. each)
  • Scotch Brite Surface Conditioning belts – Blue (VFN), Red (MED), Brown (CRS) (1 pcs. each)
  • Scotch Brite Type T White Polishing Belt (1 pcs.)

Total: 24 Belts






  •  In the 3M Ultimate Pack we combined all belts in the 3M line which we use regularly for our blades. Everything from rough grinding to polishing, the Ultimate pack has it all.
  • 24 Belts

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm


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