3M 337DC Trizact Gator Belt 50x2000mm A65,A100,A160,A300

3M 337DC Trizact Gator Belt 50x2000mm A65,A100,A160,A300


  • 3M 337DC Trizact
  • Macroreplicated abrasive “bricks” contain multiple layers of abrasive mineral, “channels” keep remove swarf and keep work surfaces cleaner
  • Controlled mineral breakdown delivers more consistent, predictable finishes over the life of the belt
  • Durable cloth belt is frequently able to grind and finish in one operation
  • Grinding aid reduces friction and keeps workpiece cool for dry grinding applications
  • Extra-long belt life reduces abrasive cost and inventory
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The 3M 337DC Gator Cloth Belt delivers consistently in intermediate to final finish, medium pressure applications. Designed with aluminum oxide and a grinding aid on a durable X- weight cloth backing, this belt is available in grades from A300 to A30.

Long Life, Sustained Cut, Consistent Performance

Our 3M 337DC Gator Belt owes its durability and consistent sustained cut rate to its uniquely engineered “bricks and channels” macroreplicated abrasive structure. Uniform abrasive “bricks” keep fresh cutting mineral constantly at the working surface and “channels” sweep debris away to discourage loading and keep the substrate clean.

Microreplication: Engineering Surface Geometry

Building upon the principles of microreplication, 3M scientists developed larger, more diverse abrasive structures — cubes, spheres, ridges — identical in shape and optimized for a variety of applications. Microreplication allows 3M to design abrasives with varying shapes and formulations, to control the level of breakdown, cut, finish and life

These abrasive structures are arrayed precisely and uniformly across a film or cloth backing in a pattern calculated to deliver sustained cut rate and eliminate belt-to-belt variation

Made to Tackle Difficult Metals 

Trizact was developed especially for finishing more difficult processing materials like titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, as well as all exotic alloys in the aerospace, aviation and medical industries. Also effective for finishing applications on carbon steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, composite materials and synthetics.

Recommended Applications
Use for dry intermediate finishing, blending, scratch refinement or final dimensioning on robotic, semi-automated, automated, off-hand equipment and portable file belt tools. Use Trizact™ Cloth 337DC belts with:

  • Medium hardness contact wheels (50-70 Shore A)
  • Rubber contact wheels
  • Smooth face to gentle serrated contact wheel

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Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm
Trizact Grade

A65 (P280), A100 (P200), A160 (P120), A300 (P80)


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