Adjustable Work Rest for 2×72″ belt grinder

  • adjustable work rest for 2x72" grinder

Adjustable Work Rest for 2×72″ belt grinder


  • 550mm tooling arm
  • 320mm Vertical travel
  • 55° max angle
  • countless ways to use it on your grinder!


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Delivery time

1 week


The fully adjustable work rest used on our PRO v2 Grinder. It will allow you to use your 2×72″ grinder in countless ways. Designed to work with every kind of attachments – Platen, Contact wheels, Small wheels, Rotary Platen etc. Easily adjustable using the two handles. Stockwork rest size is 210x100mm but a bigger 400x150mm is available.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Tooling Arm

30x30mm(Claryx), 1.5" x 1.5"

Work rest

210x100mm, 400x150mm


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