3M Abrasives Ultimate Pack of 24

  • 3M trizact 237AA
  • 3M trizact 337DC
  • 3m scotch brite
  • 3m scotch brite blue
  • scotch brite brown

3M Abrasives Ultimate Pack of 24

387.35 387.35

The Ultimate 3M pack includes:

  • 337DC Trizact Gator Belts  – A65, A100, A160, A300 (2 pcs. each)
  • 237DC Trizact – A6, A16, A30 (2 pcs. each)
  • 984F Cubitron II Ceramic belts – P36, P60, P80 (2 pcs. each)
  • Scotch Brite Surface Conditioning belts – Blue (VFN), Red (MED), Brown (CRS) (1 pcs. each)
  • Scotch Brite Type T White Polishing Belt (1 pcs.)

Total: 24 Belts




Delivery time

1 week


  •  In the Ultimate Pack we combined all belts in the 3M line which we use regularly for our blades. Everything from rough grinding to polishing, the Ultimate pack has it all.
  • 24 Belts

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