Claryx Belt grinder PRO V2


6-way tilting stand

Solid aluminum tooling arm with flat platen.

1.5Kw(2hp) motor

VFD (Variable frequency drive)

Tool box

Additional 220v socket for lamps, vacuum cleaners, accessories etc.

Durable industrial grade GREY or MACHINE GREEN(RAL6011) powder coated baseplate

Hot black oxidized or chrome coated chassis

Any commercially available 50x2000mm (2×72″) belts can be used.

All wheels are made out of solid aluminum and additionally lightened

Crowned tracking wheel

  1. Base plate
    Made of steel,stable and perfectly balanced, combining the entire electrical installation, power switch, start-stop buttons, engine indicator light, 200V output, potentiometer for speed in a convenient location and practical tool-box for small tools and parts. The base provides three movements – vertically, horizontally and 180 degrees. Finished with a solid powder coating(GREY and MACHINE GREEN(RAL6011))
  2.  Body

The body is precisely made of solid steel and lightweight aluminum in order to achieve stability and long-term use. We are constantly working on replacing more of the steel parts with aluminum ones. Black oxidizing  or Chrome coating can be chosen  for extended durability and rust protection.  Fully bolted construction without welds.

  1. Wheels

All of the wheels are made out of 2017A aluminum with extreme precision. Additionally lightened and balanced to achieve that perfect spin without any vibrations.

  1. Motor and VFD

Three-phase motor with 1.5 kW (2hp) 0-3400 RPM provided by a VFD with 220V input. This means you can use it with just your regular household electricity.


*The contact wheel is not included in the BG PRO package.

*The small wheels package is not included in the BG PRO package